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The Western Desert of Egypt is located in west side of the Nile valley‎ and forming the northeast flank of the Sahara from the banks ‎of the Nile towards Libya about two ‎thirds of Egyptian land. ‎ covering ‎680.650 square kilometers (262.800 square miles) Egyptian Western Desert name was bestowed by British cartographers‎. You have a chance to see what ‎inspired the religion of the Ancient Egyptians and try ‎to unravel a layer of the mystery of Ancient Egypt. With Tour Egypt Club you will Travel through miles and miles of golden dunes But, ‎‎Egypt’s Western Desert has more and more to offer not just sand dunes, you ‎will see ‎‎uncanny rock formations canyons, mountainous plateaus sand, the Black Desert, ‎the White Desert, the landscape give ‎way to the awe inspiring sight of a magical landscape full ‎of ‎strange limestone ‎concretions that are shaped like giant mushrooms, and you will relax at ‎the precious oases and ‎enjoy the four oases of Bahariya oasis, Farafra oasis, Dakhla ‎oasis and Kharga Oasis which lie on ‎‎“Great Desert Circle” stretching from Cairo to ‎Assiut in middle Egypt, also the Siwa Oasis near the ‎Libyan Border, huge mountain ‎plateaus as ‎Gilf Kebir, and the Great Sand Sea that ‎is lies between the Gilf Kebir and ‎the Siwa Oasis.

Bahariya Oasis

El-Wahat Bahariya in Arabic means northern oasis located in Western Desert of Egypt around 370 km to the North of ‎Cairo. Bahariya Oasis famous by

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Siwa Oasis

Considered one of the oldest remaining intact oases in the whole world, located in Western Desert 50 km ‎‎(30 mi) east of the Egyptian Sand

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Kharga Oasis

The largest of the Western Desert Oases its name in Arabic means “the outside” located in the southernmost of Egypt, ‎Kharga Oasis occupies a depression

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Gilf Kebir

‎Is natural phenomenon sandstone plateau, covering over 7770-square-kilometre and rises 300 meters lies in southwest corner of Egypt, and southeast Libya in Western Desert, the

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Farafra Oasis

Is most tiny and isolated oasis in Western Desert of Egypt, that explain why the people of Farafra practicing their old customs and sam traditions

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Dakhla Oasis

in Arabic means (the inner oasis) has hot springs over than 500, the most famous are Bir Tarfawi, Bir Talata,the Well of the Mountain and

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