Tour Categories: Egypt Religious Tours

Holy family & Moses Footsteps in Egypt; Egypt is inglorious into a world full of faith, spirituality since the dawn of human society until today, Egypt has been a haven and refuge for the Holy family during their flight from Jerusalem; follow the steps of the holy family in Egypt to see their relics occupied today by churches and Moses Footsteps where he left for the Holy Land, the route reaches Mt. Sinai where he received the Ten Commandments.

Tour Egypt Club; paying attention to Egypt religious and pilgrimage tours, we have good experience in organizing journeys to Egypt Christian sites & Jewish Synagogue, all tours at affordable prices for individual, family, small groups, or privet tours.

Egypt Biblical sites & Coptic tour; we offer a variety of Egypt religious tours, pilgrimage journey, monasteries, Coptic Christian places, and biblical sites, which is full of spiritual feelings such as mount. Sinai, St. Catharine monastery, Virgin Mary tree, select one of our religious tours and book online or customize your own religious trip.